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How It Works

Lets Meet

We will begin with a meeting to talk about your business and your goals.

The information from this meeting will form the basis for our research and the information that you will have on your website. This is your chance to tell us exactly what you want on your site and who your customers are.



We will use the information given to us from the meeting to research your online market and what people are searching for when searching for your services.


These will then become your keywords for your website so that the search engines will display your website when people search for your services.

This is an important part of our process – it ensures you get the best SEO for your site.

You Choose

We offer a selection of websites designs for you to choose from. Once you have decided which design you would like we will then look to create an unique website that reflects you and your brand.

 Information From You

Once you have agreed which design you would like for your new website we will need you to send us information about:

  • Branding – including your logo, colours, strap line

  • Company information – including company name, addresses, phone number etc.

  • Current website login details and email details

  • Photographs 

We will give you a more detailed list at oir meeting.

Basic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

It’s really important that your site has a good basis for your SEO. For this reason we:

  • Create an XML sitemap for the search engines

  • Manually update the meta tag words for every single website that we launch.

  • Ping the search engines so they know your new website exists.

This ensures that your website will be ready when it appears in search results and improves its chances of ranking.

Website approval

Although we will have checked everything, we will ask you to double check everything before the website goes live.

Once you are 100% happy we will hit that PUBLISH button.

Your online presence 
begins right here.

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